Side Effects When You Quit Smoking

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"Side effects when you quit smoking" is what many people wanted to know about and they search for term on the internet. But, there is not much information about "side effects when you quit smoking" available on the internet. Here, you will find relevant information on the topic. For more information on benefits after you quit smoking, read The Benefits After You Quit Smoking.

?After smoking cessation you are very likely to start facing some problems, which will make the relapse happen after you stop smoking. These symptoms could be headache, insomnia, irritation, drowsiness, cough and the biggest of all- weight gain. Other than weight gain, all the problems are temporary and will vanish after some time. Some of them are even good signs. As for weight gain, you must start exercising and be careful about your diet. This will help you get rid of this side effect also.

Some people are so scared of these minor side effects of stopping smoking that they decide never to quit just because of them. They are not aware that what actually there body is going through because of smoking. The ill effects of smoking are major and have effects on heart and lungs. So, how could you be scared of minor side effects of quitting smoking and not those of smoking cigarettes.

All of you must concentrate on side effects of smoking rather than those of giving up smoking. This will help you quit cigarette and experience benefits of quitting cigarette.