Smoking and Personal Appearance

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Smoking not only affects the human body internally, it changes our appearance and the way we look.? It has a profound effect on the over all physical appearance of the person.

Smoking not only? affects the internal organs of the human body, it also leads to stained and discolored teeth. People who smoke experience pre-mature aging and wrinkling of the skin. These people also suffer from yellowish and stained fingernails. These finger nails are hard to remove. Apart from discoloration, smoking also causes foul smelling breath. This is because smoke dries up and builds in the mouth. Smoking also leads to hair loss and rapid skin aging. Such people suffer from hair thinning and skin aging problems. Heavy smokers feel older then their physical age.

Many people realize that smoking is bad, yet continue to do so. It is hard to quit smoking as the Nicotine in tobacco is addictive. Many people still continue to waste their money on cigarettes.? Such people are not bothered about their personal appearance and harmful effects of smoking. Their body gets affected by nicotine and tar present in cigarettes. Smoking becomes a daily habit with smokers who cannot quit it easily. Many young smokers find it cool to smoke and feel that they are too young to suffer from the side effects.

Young smokers fail to realize their habit of smoking will affect them internally and externally. Smoking kills the person slowly by affecting the internal organs within the body. Smokers fall ill easily and become more prone to diseases.

Smoking is a fatal habit which must be avoided at every cost. For smokers it is difficult to quit but there are many medical centers that help people to quit smoking. For this smokers must have a strong will power. Smoking makes the person physically weak and decreases the energy level in the body. These people must consume lots of green vegetables and juices in their diet. They must drink lots of water to detoxify their body and clean their system. Smokers must quit smoking before the habit takes a toll on their lives.