How to Stick with Quitting Smoking?

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Quitting smoking for good requires you to hold your own without a break for life against the health endangering habit. For nicotine will always try its best to find a chink in your armor sooner or later, given the addiction it establishes in you. It will strip down your life to clearly wallowing in smoke. It is really incumbent on your mental resolve and determination whether you choose to fight it to a duel to the death or give in to it without a semblance of self-respect and fight.

Sticking with quitting a life full of nicotine smoke therefore requires that you fight unrelentingly against smoking. Doing so translates into giving up gradually on a life full of every inch of cigarette burning smoke, though the craving for nicotine will try its best to make you blow more rings in front of you every time you resist it. Mental perseverance and tenacity of purpose are required in great abundance in playing this lifelong cat and mouse game with nicotine addiction.

You can always egg yourself on by thinking that not smoking one cigarette will ultimately save nine. The initial months are the toughest you will find in this unending battle with quitting smoking. Withdrawal symptoms will cause you to undergo mental torture which your body will impose on you as it rises in revolt against the lack of nicotine that was fed earlier to it. On top of that the side effects of the lack of nicotine in your body will cause you much ache and misery.

You need to toughen yourself mentally to engage this unseen enemy with all the determination that you have available with you. You need to simplify your life style and routine. You need to shun the friendship of cigarette smokers altogether and divert your mind perhaps with a game of Sudoku. Whenever your mind pulls you down with your body's craving for nicotine, you need to talk to yourself that you will not submit to the demands of nicotine addiction whatever happens.

If you are one of those perseverant people who thrive on mental challenges, but who has during a moment of madness taken up smoking cigarettes, the urge to give up smoking should always remain the central theme of your life. Sticking with quitting cigarette smoking requires that you change your philosophy from looking outward to looking inward. It is only with silence and solitude that you can look to have an inner perspective on life. Having the inner perspective is mandatory in fighting the smoking habit throughout your lifetime.

Sticking with quitting smoking requires that you critically examine everything that causes your mind to churn with the tempting thought of only one more cigarette. A weak mind it is that breaks down in the throes of such mental tortures, but developing your will power continuously will help you the most in the fight against deadly nicotine addiction.