Stop Smoking Cold Turkey: How Effective Is It?

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Smoking cold turkey is a very popular quit smoking method. It is a very popular method to quit smoking by far. There is one drawback though in this method. Apart from success, this method has the highest failure rate also. The smoker, generally, takes chances. Apart from trying smoking cold turkey method, he tries other methods also. He tries alternate methods by which he can achieve more success in quitting smoking. He tries other more effective methods.

It is difficult to follow cold turkey method to quit smoking. The main reason being it is too hard to give up the nicotine addiction. When you stop smoking, the craving starts. It is extremely difficult for many people to control the passion of craving. You need a great amount of will power if you want to quit smoking in the true sense. The failure rate is enormous because of the lack of will power in the people.

There is a very wrong belief among people about nicotine. They think that nicotine is always unhealthy. They are wrong. Nicotine, in its pure form, is very good for health. You have nicotine daily through various food products. This is absolutely harmless. Nicotine does not cause major diseases like cancer, or cardiac arrest.

You consume trace elements of nicotine in foods like potatoes, red chilies, and some types of tea also. You need to have nicotine replacement therapy. This therapy has double success rate than cold turkey method. After passing through this type of therapy, you will have success. You will not have cravings for smoke again. 

To overcome the cravings of smoking, to a greater extent, you need to use gums. You can have patch inhalers or puffers, too. These can help to a greater extent. As per medical science, nicotine is really good for you. It affects the neuro transmitters of the brain in a positive way. It improves mood, memory and concentration especially in Alzheimer?s, Schizophrenia, and Parkinson?s disease cases.