Before, During And After- Three Steps To Quit

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Quitting smoking is not easy. It requires a great deal of effort and the right approach to kick the butt forever. If you too are trying to give up the habit then here is a complete guide that will help you take through the three stages of quitting smoking- before, during and after.


* Preparing yourself mentally is a must before you quit. Tell yourself about all the physical and mental turmoil that you may have to go through when trying to quit.
* Physical conditioning of the body is also a must before you quit. Take up some form of exercise and also make suitable changes in your diet.
* Make a list of reasons as to why you need to quit. Go through these reasons each night before you go to sleep.
* Involve someone else. Having a friend at your aid all the time when you are trying to quit proves to be of great help.
* Chalk out a proper strategy to quit. You may want to seek help of nicotine withdrawal aids.
* Start cutting down on the number of cigarettes that you smoke.


* The most important thing that you need to do on the day you quit is throw away all your cigarettes.
* Hide away all the things that you associate with smoking like your lighters and ash trays.
* Plan an extremely busy schedule on the day you choose to quit. Go for a movie, plan a get together with friends or indulge in spring cleaning the house.
* Go shopping. Make a list of things that you want to buy and evaluate the cost in terms of packets of cigarettes.
* Seek help of friends and family. Tell them to help you through the rough spots you may have to deal with.
* Reward yourself in the form of a rejuvenating massage or an expensive gift.


* Work on your environment. Try to develop a clean and smoke free environment that does not echo cigarettes.
* Try to spend time in places where smoking is prohibited.
* Stay away from any kind of foods or beverages that you associate with smoking.
* Include plenty of fruit juice in your daily diet.
* Every time you feel the need to light up a cigarette, look for someone to talk to. As you get engrossed in the conversation, you will forget about the urge to smoke.
* Try to avoid situations or places that remind you of smoking. For instance, if you smoke while you drive, switch to public transport.
* Look for new habits to keep yourself engrossed. Take up swimming, jogging or even playing video games to keep yourself busy and entertained.

As you go through each of these phases, make sure that you exercise some patience and perseverance and you will be able to get rid of the habit forever.