Vitamin C ? Offset The Ill Effects Of Smoking During Pregnancy

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Many women are aware of the negative effects that smoking has on the developing baby during the pregnancy. In spite of that a large number of women across the world take the issue very lightly and prefer to smoke during their term. It has become very difficult for the medical fraternity to convince these women about the harmful effects of smoking. Medical research has given a greater relief to these women. It has proved that vitamin C can reduce many bad effects of smoking in this case.

The biggest harm of smoking during pregnancy is the increased possibility of premature labor and delivery. In some cases, smoking may also retard the growth of the baby. In extreme cases, it can also lead to still birth. Smoking during pregnancy has an adverse effect on the development of the lungs of the infant. Nicotine and other harmful substances present in cigarette smoke can be carried to the baby through the placenta. This may have very adverse affects on the lungs and other aspects of the overall development of the infant, and lead to respiratory illness after birth.

As per a research in Oregon University of Health and Sciences, the lungs of baby monkeys who had been given both nicotine and Vitamin C, functioned almost normally. The research was conducted on three groups of pregnant monkeys. First group was given only nicotine. The second group which was the control group was denied both nicotine and vitamin C, and the third group was fed with both nicotine and vitamin C. The nicotine doze was given to monkeys comparable to the doze which a pregnant mother generally takes. 

The results of the study on monkeys by the University prove to be relevant for humans as well. There needs to be more research required about the exact amount of vitamin C required by pregnant mothers. This is very important for the pregnant mothers to get the equivalent benefits that the monkeys had received.

It is also important to determine that over dosage of Vitamin C do not result in complications in the pregnant mother. As per the research, although the vitamin C has positive effects, yet it does not completely remove all the negative impacts on the fetus. There still arises the issue of brain development of baby in womb. The baby also develops low weight. Of course, this Vitamin C benefit for pregnant women should not be construed as a reason for smoking during pregnancy.