Weight Gain And Stopping Smoking

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Most people gain some weight when they quit smoking. But, it is not more than 10 pounds. Gaining 5 to 10 pounds weight, in fact, is perfectly normal. It happens because of metabolic changes that take place in body after quitting. The cells of the body of smoker shrink due to smoking. So, when a person quits smoking, cells regain their shape through water retention which results in the swelling of body, and, in turn, weight gain.

Nicotine speeds up the metabolism rate of body. So, when a person stops taking nicotine through smoking, metabolism rate slows down which results in weight gain.

Other reason could be your eating habits. What happens is that when a person leaves smoking, he or she undergoes withdrawal symptoms, like craving for nicotine. So, he or she decides to eat something to divert their mind and cope with that craving. This results in gaining weight.

Some Tips

Weight gain can be controlled by following these tips

1. Control your Eating habits ? Avoid eating junk food. They only help you gain extra calories. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy products, whole grains, meat, etc. They will provide you energy and not only fat.

2. Drink water ? Water is a great craving buster. It helps flush the toxins left by cigarette out of the body. Drinking water enhances metabolism which will offset weight gain.

3. Exercise daily ? To prevent weight gain, it is very necessary to do some physical activity. Select an exercise which suits you the most and do it everyday. Walking is a great exercise for those who don't want to do proper workout. Start with a 15 minute walk, and gradually increase your time. This will not only help prevent weight gain, it will also make you more energetic and healthier. It will also divert your mind from smoking and help get relief from withdrawal symptoms.

4. Managing cravings - After quitting, learn to avoid craving for both food and cigarette. A craving lasts only for five minutes, and if you will be able to pass this time, craving dies out naturally. Keep your hands and mouth busy. If you are feeling a sweet craving, then eat fruits or chew gum.

Sleep enough because lack of proper sleep and tiredness will result in craving for food and cigarette.
Reduce stress by meditation and taking a bath or going for a walk. Engage yourself in your favorite pastime, like listening to music, watching TV, reading books, etc. When you feel an urge to smoke, talk to your friend or loved ones, but, talk about anything other than smoking.

At the end, just be patient, and don't loose hope. Getting a bit bulky is not the end of the world. Convince yourself by thinking that you are in the process of getting rid of a tough addiction, and in the process, if you put on a few pounds, it is not of a much concern.