What Happens When You Give Up Smoking

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"What happens when you give up smoking" is a widely searched term on internet. There is information available, but most of the times you are not satisfied with the results. Here, you will get relevant information on "what happens when you give up smoking". For more information on how can you quit smoking read How Can You Stop Smoking

 Quitting smoking is a dream for one who is well aware of adverse effects of cigarette smoking. Once you decide and resolute that yes you are quitting smoking then you have to work hard to achieve your goal. You can use different treatments, therapies, anti smoking products, stop smoking shots and anti smoking injections to accomplish your mission. You can also be a part of smoking cessation program. Once you became successful then you face many nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms start occurring just few hours after you stop smoking. Your body will start recovering and you will start feeling good and fresh. Though you will also feel the urge for nicotine. Your blood pressure and body temperature also start coming down to normal. Then other parts damaged due to smoking start getting back in to shape. A protective layer on respiratory system called cilia starts recovering. You will also have cough, headache, insomnia and excess of appetite.

All these are symptoms that you will face after stopping smoking.