Are You a Breast-Feeding mother who Smokes?

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Pregnant and nursing women need to take extra care of their bodies, as they are dealing with two lives at one time. Peculiarly so for the nursing women, whose each activity, habit and addiction would have a direct implication on the approaching life of her newborn. So it is very important for a breast feeding mother to lead a healthy life.

It is found that many women give up smoking during pregnancy but resume back, as soon they deliver the baby. This is not the right thing to do. Being a nursing mother, you need to be more than concerned about the health of your baby.

Smoking has a direct, negative effect on the whole process of breast feeding. Incessant smoking considerably reduces milk production, thus making the newborn starve for food and also make him unprotected to many diseases.

Nicotine in cigarettes directly attacks prolactin, a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary in females, which stimulates the growth of the mammary glands and lactation after parturition. Thus no or less prolactin means scarce milk production. Moreover, with milk, nicotine can also pass through the newborns body and make him susceptible to numerous diseases related to the element.

Mother?s milk is very important for the baby as it contains many antibodies that help the baby fight many infections that it may encounter soon after its birth. The more the milk production in the breasts of a nursing mother, the more good it would do to the newborn. During nursing whatever the mother consumes is directly passed on to the newborn, which gets dissolved in the milk.

Nicotine addiction is not easy to give up, but in order to gift a healthy life to your baby; this sacrifice is nothing big to demand for. But if you think that you are unable to live without this addiction, I suggest a few things that can reduce the effects of smoking on your child.

Cut down the number of cigarettes a day. Another important thing, do not smoke while nursing and do not feed your child immediately after you have smoked. At least give a break of 1-2 hours between smoking and breast-feeding. Last but not the least; do not smoke around your child.