Why People Relapse After Quitting?

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If you have a weak frontier (not well protected) and a strong enemy on the other side, what happens? There will be repeated wars, and in every war you will lose. The only alternative for you is to strengthen your frontiers, and arm yourself with the latest techniques. In all probability, the enemy will not attack you, and if he does, you are strong enough to beat him back.

The habit of smoking is somewhat like that. You relapse to smoking after quitting, because you do not have strong mental defense to beat back the cravings of the all-powerful nicotine, which has the backing of 4000 poisonous bodyguards, 40 of them cancer causing!

Smoking is the greatest threat to your health, wealth and welfare of your family members. It is responsible for millions of deaths all over the world, and for thousands of hospitals being constructed to treat the cancer patients! In reality, it is a good for nothing investment!

I don't tell you that it is easy to quit smoking. Howsoever hard, it is worth the serious try, until you finally give it up. If somebody is threatening to kill you, don't you react? Try once, try twice?let the habit relapse. Don't give it up. One day, with a beaming smile, you will announce to all concerned, ?I have quit smoking for ever.? I will be beside you and will be the first one to applaud you to my heart's content.

Don't you wish to live longer? There is no doubt that each cigarette shortens your life. Why do you wish to extend a cordial invitation to cancer, and heart attacks? Work hard to quit smoking from today. You don't deserve such deadly diseases. Even if you survive, such diseases will cause you great anguish and pain.

By now, you know well, the damage caused by indirect smoking as well. What right you have got, to create a polluted atmosphere in your house, and cause damage to the health of your family members? Have you ever calculated how much money you will save, if you stop smoking?

You made several New Year resolutions in the past, but in the month of January itself, the habit relapsed. Don't get disheartened. Let bygones be bygones. Try hard. You must start again and beat back the relapse.

Don't take an alarming view of the relapse. You have tried hard. Don't do self-condemnation. Concentrate, what made you smoke again. Try to analyze that point, and redraw your strategy.

You are bound to succeed. Doubt it not!