Why Vitamins Are Crucial For Those Addicted To Smoking

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Smoking causes huge damage to our body. It affects our lungs, respiratory system, and is responsible for different types of cancer. It damages our health in many ways. One of these is through the heavy damage they unleash on the various vitamins in your body. And, because vitamins are one of first lines of defense in your body, their destruction, in turn, makes you more vulnerable to almost everything not in the interest of your best health.

Desperate for an immediate lift, your friend, the cigarette, reminds you, that nicotine has just the charge you're looking for, and an instant later, you've just started smoking again. I cannot impress upon you strongly enough the urgency of a HEALTHY DIET all through your life, but if you're an ex-smoker trying to stay quit, it is absolutely crucial.

Beta Carotene (an A vitamin) is also low in smokers. It is a cancer-preventative and keeps breathing passages clear. Vitamin E is nearly magical in its powers and can repair damage from heart attacks and stroke. It is a primary player in fighting high cholesterol and repairing damage to arteries caused by smoking. Vitamin B-Complex is essential because it not only makes energy but also fights depression. Given the edginess of smokers, who have just quit, this essential vitamin and ally can actually mean the difference to many ex-smokers in whether they give in to cigarettes or break away from them.

Finally, I would not consider a diet that did not include Lecithin and COQ10. COQ10, in particular, has played a major role in my energy level, my memory, and my thinking. It plays an equally critical role in the effectiveness of the immune system, and in the aging process. Once again, I remind you that this is opinion and testimony on my part. All in all, I spend about $80 a month on vitamin supplements.

You will NOT realize the benefits of vitamins for about the first four? to six months of taking them. But, if you stick with them that long; then leave them out of your diet for a couple of weeks, you will almost assuredly recognize the difference.

I am a vitamin advocate and I don't think anyone should be without them because more and more countries are putting more and more processed foods in our grocery markets. These foods are sadly delinquent in vitamins, minerals, and herbs.