Effective Ways To Quit Smoking

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Smoking is more than a simple addiction. When a person has been smoking for a long time, it becomes a prominent facet of his personality. Hence, letting go of it may not prove to be as easy as you think it will be. There are many methods with the help of which you can give up the habit for good. But these methods are not a constant; their effects may vary from person to person. If one method works for your friend, it may be useless in your case. Another important aspect is that a single attempt does not usually enable you to call it quits. The whole process may need multiple attempts. So, when you fail the first time, you should not lose heart but stick to the regimen.

One thing always has to be kept in mind that smoking is both physical and mental. While quitting, each of these two aspects has to be given equal importance. During the first few days you will feel a deep hankering for nicotine. You can handle this by resorting to some nicotine alternatives available in the market in the form of over-the-counter drugs. Nicotine gums and nicotine patches are two of them. These help you in tackling the problem in the first phase. As time passes, you will need lower and lower amount of it till it becomes normal for you to live without it. However, it has been observed that nicotine supplements alone do not work in many cases. The psychological side of the problem has also to be attended to. One has to combine the use of drugs with an array of behavioral approaches. Regular counseling sessions play a large role in tackling this problem.

If you are a heavy smoker, you will do well not to quit at one go, because in such cases there is a huge chance of a relapse. You should gradually cut down on the number of cigarettes per day, till your nicotine requirements vanish altogether. Also, many varieties of low-nicotine brands are available. You can take recourse to them in order to minimize the nicotine intake. However, it is better to let go of it forever, and the main thing you need for this purpose is an indomitable motivation. If you think you can, nothing can deter you from achieving your goal.