How Can You Stop Smoking

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Is quitting smoking that hard a nut to crack? No, it is not and it can be further eased by following these simple steps:

1) Remember that you can and you will do it. Whenever you feel your resolve weakening, try and divert your attention and practice some deep breathing. In fact, deep breathing will be helpful for you later on as well in all kinds of stressful situations.

2) Try and stay away from stimulants like alcohol, sugar and coffee. These increase our desire for a smoke. Also, avoid fatty foods as your metabolism will slow down so you are likely to gain weight after quitting. You can chew on healthy snacks like carrot sticks and apples. Chewing gum is also okay as long as you are not doing anything that makes you want to go in for a smoke again.

3) Try and drink loads of water which will just help flush out the nicotine and other toxins from your system.

4) Think and write down all the bad things about smoking and a smoker. This will help you out as you will realize that smoking isn't that good after all.

5) If you feel that you can not resist the urge to have a cigarette, try and involve yourself in some other activity. Divert your mind to a new hobby. Join yoga which is a great way for you to put your mind in another direction.

6) The best way is to start exercising. This will not only refresh you but in the bargain, you will end up acquiring a great body. What more could one ask for?

7) If you still can not keep away, try some alternate methods like chewing a gum, cinnamon sticks or even artificial cigarettes.

8) Confide in your close family and friends that you are trying to quit smoking. So, you may be grumpy for a few weeks. They'll surely understand and bear with you.

9) Destroy all the cigarettes and ashtrays that you might be having. Ask somebody to hide them away from your sight so that you do not get tempted.

10) You have to resist the urge for even a single cigarette because that single cigarette will lead you back to your old habit which you have tried so hard to kick off.

11) Try and stick to places where you are not allowed to smoke like the library and the cinema halls.

12) Learn to handle the stress in some other alternate way.

13) Think that you are saving your own life and also of those around you. They'll no more be the victims of passive smoking.
Visualize and see yourself as a non-smoker and the image and health benefits that you would enjoy. Then keep repeating to yourself that you are a non-smoker.
So, resort to these steps and just keep trying till the time you don't reach the other side of the road.