I Quit Smoking Pot Now After Years Now I Have Anxiety

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Though it's really hard to quit smoking but it's harder to stick to your commitment. No doubt, people are aware of the ill effects of smoking but still so many of them smoke. Nicotine is the substance in cigarettes that keeps many people addicted to smoking. As soon as, you stop smoking, your body reacts to it. Quitting smoking will help you in curing many health problems and you can lead a stress free life after giving up. Often, after a few years, people may develop the anxiety problem and search net with the question 'i quit smoking pot now after years now i have anxiety'. But, don't worry there is an answer to the question 'i quit smoking pot now after years now i have anxiety'. For more information, read How To Sustain After You Quit Smoking?

If you are tense about how are you going to handle this with taking an anti smoking attitude, we have a solution. You can easily handle the anxiety after smoking cessation. To deal with anxiety, take a deep breath, go for a walk, try out some new hobbies, so that your mind remains occupied elsewhere. After throwing away the smoking products, you can go for a massage that will make you relaxed.

Meditation is another important thing that you can try for anxiety. If you still feel the urge for smoking, you can even chew something that can help. When you quit smoke, do not neglect yourself as it is the time when you should pamper yourself the most. Make sure that your needs are met very comfortably. Be a member of some anti tobacco society as, the more you spend time out there, the better you will feel.