Positive Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking

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If you are a smoker intent on kicking the habit, you will do well to know beforehand that while trying to give up smoking, you can not do away with some of its side effects. Over the years the smoker gets accustomed to the presence of nicotine in his system. So, he develops a sort of nicotine dependency. Hence, you may feel, at least in the initial phase, that quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do.

When a person smokes for a long span of time, nicotine becomes a prominent part of his system. If the person tries to quit smoking, the absence of nicotine will affect his system in an inverse manner. That is the main reason behind the occurrence of the withdrawal symptoms. You will feel a hitherto unseen dryness in the mouth. Frequent mood swings may be experienced accompanied with an irritability syndrome. You can have bouts of depression as well. During the first three or four days of quitting smoking, people often find falling asleep or sleeping soundly a bit problematic. Bad dreams and nightmares are common things during this period.

There are many positive side effects of quitting smoking also which invariably outnumber the worrying aspects. After giving up smoking, your overall appearance is bound to get better. Increased blood supply nourishes the skin which in turn makes you more presentable than before. Also, other irritating problems like body smell, tar-coated fingertips and bad breath vanish in thin air.

However, there may be a number of short term worries. After quitting smoking, people normally tend to overindulge in food. The quitters are seen to gain weight after giving up. This increase amounts to about 10 lbs per person on an average basis. But these concerns are minuscule as compared to the good outcomes of quitting smoking. If you are still a smoker, make haste to bid the habit goodbye and brace up for a healthy new life.?