Progression Day

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With the progression of days after you have quit smoking, the chances of attaining various health benefits increase formidably. If you think it takes a long time to avail any benefit whatsoever from the moment of giving up smoking, you are still very much in the dark. Positive results start to manifest themselves almost as soon as stopping to smoke. The first day of your non-smoking life is marked by a rise in the oxygen level in the blood, rapid improvement in the functioning of your lungs and an overall increase in your general fitness level. Then gradually the former state and shape of important faculties like taste and smell come back. Frayed nerve endings are repaired and the mucus level in the lungs is reduced. This brings about a vast change in your health as you find breathing much easier than before.

The above mentioned benefits are availed in the span of the first day itself. From the second day onwards you will be a totally new self. Your stamina and fitness level will go up, lending a new dimension to your working abilities. When you have passed more than a month without smoking, your breathing will become normal to such an extent that there will hardly be any difference between you and a non-smoker. Long-term and more significant benefits begin to materialize usually after a span of five years. That is when the chance of heart attacks is cut by half. And, when you have been a non-smoker for as long a span as ten years, the risk of heart attacks vanishes altogether so as to resemble that of a person who has never smoked. Also, the chances of maladies like lung cancer become minimal.

Apart from these obvious benefits, there is much to be said in this context. When you were a smoker, you were indecisive, pusillanimous and reluctant to interact, lest people find you smelly, wrinkly and somewhat charred. Now, after quitting smoking, you will find that the former reluctance is gone. You have become confidence-personified and always raring to go.?