Quit Smoking for A Long Inning of Life

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Please tell me you're not still sucking on cancer sticks? Okay, that's a harsh way of asking, do you smoke? Hopefully your answer is NO. However, I still see a large number of Americans puffing on cigarettes each and every day. Don't they know it's bad for their health? I mean someone should really let them in on the secret. If you really want to call it that. I thought everyone new that smoking caused cancer of the lungs. Well, if you weren't aware of this well-known fact, then there you have it. Now, let me ponder the reasons to quit smoking. How many can you think of?

Do you want to know what one of the main reasons to quit smoking is? Your breath stinks! It's absolutely true. If you're puffing on a cigarette, cigar, or pipe, chances are your breath smells foul. I should know. I once kissed a girl who was a smoker. Sure she was great looking, a model actually. However, at the tender age of 18, she was smoking a pack a day. Anyway, we were out on a date and she leaned over to kiss me. Yikes! I'm talking about a wet ashtray, folks. That's pretty much what it tasted like. Or at least I imagined it was similar to. Either way it was a bad experience. I had to kick her to the curb, model or not. So that's one of the major reasons to quit smoking. Another would be that it affects your appearance. Yeah, every smoker knows what I'm talking about. Your teeth get yellow and covered with tar. It's not a pretty site to say the least. However, did you also know that it ruins your skin? Yes, that nasty second-hand smoke destroys the collagen in your skin and leaves you with the saggy, wrinkled smoker's face. Come on, no woman on the planet wants that. It's just not attractive.

Well, as everyone probably already assumes, one of the greatest reasons to quit smoking is for your health. Unless you want to shorten your lifespan and/or die of cancer, smoking should be ditched immediately. While I think all these reasons to quit smoking are plenty valid, my favorite concerns myself. Me and the rest of the planet should not have to be exposed to your disgusting habit. If you need more convincing, hop online and read the ten best reasons to quit smoking. It may enlighten you.