Some Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

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Since you have already made the sensible decision to quit smoking after realizing that smoking is bad, here is some ammunition to help you win this battle. Armed with this info, you can quit easily and congratulate yourself:

1) It is absolutely important to vow and make a firm resolve that you want to and absolutely have to quit smoking. Once your resolve is firm, there is nothing at all that should be able to break it. Renew and reaffirm it each day.

2) Try yoga and meditation. They are sure to help you in your drive by strengthening your will power. So, go ahead and practice them.

3) Another good idea is to start some kind of an exercise schedule which will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. You'll be able to get more of fresh air into your body and lungs and that itself will freshen you up like nothing else does.

4) As soon as the desire to light up a cigarette strikes you, just drink a glass of water or eat a healthy snack. For this, keep healthy snacks handy at all times. Even fruits can be used for that matter. Quitting smoking can also lead to weight gain. So, eating healthy meals and snacks becomes all the more important.

5) Water is a very important tool. Drink plenty of it as it will help you in curbing your nicotine withdrawal symptoms by keeping you hydrated.

6) Talk to your family and friends about your resolve to quit smoking. Ask them not to offer you cigarettes or put you in any situation where you may get tempted to smoke. Join an anti-smoking club if you wish to. Keep away from bars, restaurants and the company of such people who encourage you to smoke.

7) Read as much as you can about the harmful effects of smoking and why you should quit it. Probably you will realize that cigarette is not such a great stress reliever after all.

8) For some people, maintaining a diary helps. You can also try it out. In your diary, maintain a list of all the pros and cons of smoking, why you want to quit it and alike issues. Also, write down positive scenarios that you visualize for yourself after you have changed to being a non-smoker.

9) Try and take a proper, deep sleep. When you don't take proper rest, your brain does not function to the optimum level and you might just give in to the temptation of smoking. So, beware and sleep healthy.

10) If any of these steps do not seem to help, try and seek the help of your physician and ask him to provide some medicines.

11) Do understand and be prepared for the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. You will experience irritation, bad moods and depression. But, keep your resolve firm.

12) Do not forget to be patient.Remember, smoking might be a very old habit that you are trying to kick. And old habits don't die easily. So, keep your resolve firm and try not to lose patience.

These tips are sure to help you in quitting your habit of smoking and in the process acquaint you to a new and a better person within yourself.