Smoking and Impotence

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The ill effects of smoking have been established by medical research and are known to smokers throughout the world. Smoking causes irreparable damage to the respiratory and cardiovascular system and is a leading cause of throat and lung cancer. Many smokers are well aware of the risks involved with smoking. One aspect of health that many smokers may not be aware of is that smoking also reduces the reproductive health of men. In short, smoking is a leading cause of impotence.

Impotence or penile dysfunction is a condition that results in either the inability or reduced capacity of men to maintain an erection. As a result of impotence, a man is not able to consummate the act of sex.

In order to maintain an erection, the blood supply to the penis should be adequately maintained. Smoking constricts the blood vessels of the body, thereby reducing blood flow. As a result, many men find themselves unable to maintain an erection. Many men feel that they would give up smoking after their first child is born. This research gives sufficient reason not to wait that long, but to quit smoking even before planning to become a father.

Smoking also impairs the quality and content of sperm. It results in reduced ejaculation and according to recent research, the chemicals in cigarette smoke cause permanent and irreversible damage to DNA in sperm. The possible repercussions are frightening as this means that a smoker may pass on damaged DNA to his offspring.

If we look at the disadvantages of smoking, then they are overwhelming. Smoking is not only a leading cause of ill health, it can cause rifts in personal relationships.? It is time that all smokers, men or women took action to quit smoking and help themselves and others to lead a better, healthier and happier life.