Snoring and Smoking - Partners in Crime

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Medical science has proved beyond doubt that smoking has a connection with snoring. There has been a lot of research on the hazards of smoking. The ill effects of smoking on cardiovascular and respiratory health have been established and are well documented. Not so well known is the fact that smokers and people who are exposed to second hand smoke are prone to snore during their sleep.

Exposure to cigarette smoke irritates the respiratory and nasal pathways and obstructs normal breathing. Chemicals in cigarette smoke inflame the sensitive lining in the nose, throat and the windpipe and causes inflammation. As a result, people who smoke have obstructed breathing when they sleep and as a result are more likely to snore as compared to non-smokers.

There are other schools of thought that hold the view that snoring is not just because of damage to the airways but also because of nicotine withdrawal symptoms that the cells in the passageways undergo and also because of possible nerve damage to the nerves that control the process of breathing.

One way or the other, there is a very definite link between snoring and smoking. Smoking is a nasty habit that inconveniences the people around us. The smell is obnoxious and passive smoking is much more harmful than previously thought. One more reason for smokers to consider quitting is that their snoring disturbs the sleep of people around them. Snoring is very irritating and it can cause problems in relationships.

You can control your snoring by giving up smoking.? If you give up smoking, both you and your partner will be able to sleep better.? Both of you will wake up to a new and bright day with a clear mind and be able to face the day with enthusiasm.