Some Seems To Be Positive Effects Of Quitting Smoking

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Smoking cessation has a number of side effects associated with it. These side effects are basically the outcome of nicotine dependency which our body is known to develop due to prolonged use of tobacco products. The effects seem to belong to a negative category in the first glance, but in reality it is not so. The problems are related more to the mind than to the body. Nicotine is highly addictive, but stopping its use does not harm our system in any conspicuous way.

The effects which are seen to appear when you give up the habit of smoking do not usually last for a long period of time. They begin to show after some hours of quitting and peak during the following couple of days or so. The time span of these symptoms varies from person to person depending on many factors. If you were a long time smoker, the symptoms will take comparatively longer than one who smoked sporadically or for a short period. You will experience dryness in the mouth accompanied by a yen for sweet food. You will go through intermittent streaks of frustration and anger. You may also find yourself getting irritated frequently. These symptoms last for the first few days. It is the beginning of your system?s own healing process. The body tries to maintain the balance of the blood sugar level which goes down after you have quit smoking. You will not find yourself fully sated even after a sumptuous meal. Hence, you usually end up indulging in overeating and as a result, you tend to gain weight.

However, this phenomenon is transient. Giving up the habit means that you are now better armed for workout sessions and other such physical activities, as your system is supplied with an increased amount of oxygen. Go for exercises with a religious zeal and your weight problems will soon subside.