How Can Quit Smoking Hypnosis Help You

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Many options are available nowadays for the persons willing to quit smoking, like nicotine patch or gum. Among those options, stop-smoking hypnosis is the most successful and effective one. Its success rate is almost double vis-?-vis other quit smoking methods. Its one more advantage is that it can be used simultaneously with other anti-smoking techniques. There are two ways of using this technique, namely, self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy by a hypnotherapist

In self-hypnosis, people use techniques to relax themselves, and guide themselves through images which aid them in quitting. But, this technique requires time and practice to be perfect.

In hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapist does the therapy. A hypnotherapist is a professional person, certified for doing practice. He has the training to help people quit this habit by using various methods.

A third technique is the combination of the above two methods. It includes a recorded program by a professional which a person can listen to and follow at home or anywhere else. These include audio as well as video programs.

Smoking is a habitual process and habits are created in subconscious mind. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for quitting smoking, because it works on our subconscious mind. Many people fear they will loose control on their mind if they undergo hypnosis. Here it should be made clear that hypnosis only strengthens your will. It can't direct your mind to do those things which you cannot do in your conscious state of mind.

If you have already decided to quit, then what hypnosis does is, it reinforces that decision. So, if one is willing to stop smoking, he must go to a hypnotist. There are thousands of people willing to quit smoking, but they are unable to do so. But, willpower alone is not sufficient to quit this habit. Here comes the role of hypnosis.

Stop smoking hypnosis requires many sessions of therapy. It depends on person to person. Many clients need multiple sessions, but an average client requires three successive sessions to completely leave the habit. The first session comprises hypnosis treatment, while the other two sessions deal with providing relaxation techniques to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms and stay healthy.

Benefits of quit smoking hypnosis
Hypnosis helps kick out the habit by acting straight on the subconscious mind which acts as storehouse for our habit patterns. Hypnosis enhances the motivation level and reinforces the willingness of a smoker to become a non-smoker. Hypnosis reduces the desire for nicotine intake. It also provides relief from withdrawal symptoms.

Quit smoking hypnosis is a powerful tool for helping people quit smoking. It is completely safe and highly effective. Its success rate is as high as 66%. It completely changes a person's belief and attitude towards smoking, thus, helping him get rid of this habit, forever.