Hypnosis- The Best Way To Quit Smoking

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Most of the smokers stop smoking for some time after using these?products. However, after sometime they start smoking again. The cause?for again taking up smoking is that they were always conscious of having?replacement pills for smoking. This means they were always conscious?that smoking provides them something. Thus, the desire to smoke still?exists in them. On the other hand, Hypnosis completely changes the?attitude of smoker towards smoking. It put an end to the inner desire of?the smoker for smoking. Once the smoker put an end to his inner desire?for smoking, then he will never take up the cigarette again.

If?you are a little health conscious then you can understand the importance?of Hypnosis rather than nicotine replacement pills. The cause of your?quitting smoking is that you want your body to be healthy, free from all?kinds of toxins. However, nicotine is still getting entry into your body?through the intake of these pills. So, consider Hypnosis rather than?pills.

Duration taken by Hypnosis to quit smoking is quite?shorter than the replacement pills. You would be astonished to know that?Hypnosis takes only one hour or less to quit smoking completely. On the?other hand, these replacement pills take many weeks.

Finally, the?result of Hypnosis on the smokers who wants to be a non-smoker is?70-80%. On the other hand, result of nicotine replacement pill is?50-60%. The cause of there low success rate is the inner consciousness?of the user that, ?I want to smoke and so I am substituting it.??However, Hypnosis completely puts an end to smoker?s inner consciousness?and he never feels the desire to have it again.?