Hypnosis: How Hypnosis Helps You Quit Smoking?

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The word hypnosis may frighten you to some extent, but it can't be more than the fright of the cigarette calamity.

Smoking attacks your lungs in more than one way. See some before and after pictures, you will come to know how a healthy, pink lung turns into a black dustbin by tobacco. Heart attack and cancer are waiting in the wings and they can come to the center stage any time and attack you. The look of the cigarette is gentlemanly.

But, actually, it is the confederation of poisonous chemicals. Not one or two?there are around 4000 chemicals in the cigarette tobacco and out of these, at present 43 have been identified as cancer-causing.

It is the thinking part of the brain that sends you sensations of pleasure, when you smoke. The job of the hypnotist is to introduce the brain to the reality that tobacco habit is absolutely harmful. Your subconscious part of the brain is re-educated to equate smoking with something unwanted, ugly and wicked.

The level at which counseling works is different. Hypnosis reaches out to the deep rooted subconscious levels of thought. When your thought process is changed, your action process is also changed. You begin disliking smoking. The intense cravings for the smoke-coils are all gone!

Initially, the medical world was not favorably disposed off towards hypnosis. Lots of arguments and counter arguments ignited the issue. As on date, quitting smoking with hypnosis is accepted as one of the good methods.

Hypnosis has treated the hard core cigarette addicts. The intense cravings for smoking have decreased after the hypnosis treatment. You need to meet a hypnotherapaist to get the treatment done. He succeeds in reducing the stress-levels of his subject, and when the stress is less, the desire to smoke also diminishes.

Some opine that the results of hypnosis are temporary. But the smoker can use this state as the first step of ladder to further solidify his concentration to quit smoking for ever.

Well begun, half done! And hypnosis does that!