Have You Tried Stop Smoking Laser Therapy?

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Several techniques are available in the market to quit smoking. Laser therapy is one of the most efficient, modern, and successful method. This technique is in practice since the past 20 years. In dealing with withdrawal symptoms and cravings, laser therapy has been proved more effective than other treatments. This technique is totally painless and safe.

How this therapy works

Stop smoking laser therapy is based on the 5000 years old ancient Asian healing technique of???? Acupuncture, though it does not use needles. Acupuncture reduces tension, increases blood circulation, and relaxes the body. Laser therapy is a non-medical treatment. It is external, drug-free, non-thermal, and non-invasive. It works on various energy points on hands, face, and ears. This therapy involves soft, cold laser beam of low energy equivalent to a light bulb. It produces a warm, pulsating, and tingling feeling in patients. But, some patients don't feel any sensation at all.

Treatment ? The treatment program consists of three phases:

1st phase ? Laser therapy uses cold, soft light to stimulate certain energy points on the body already chosen by the doctor. These points are related to addiction and habit. The laser stimulates the nerve endings which results in endorphin secretion. Endorphin is the natural hormone present in human body. It helps in keeping body calm and relaxed. It makes it easier for the person, willing to quit smoking, in coping up with the withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings by relaxing the body.

2nd phase ? In this phase, counseling is done to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, cravings, living habits, and diet routine after treatment. This helps in fast recovery.

3rd phase ? This phase deals with the back-up support. Full support is provided during and after the treatment.

The whole treatment continues for three? days. On the first day, there will be a one hour session of relaxing treatment. After two days, second session will be held. It comprises more relaxing treatment along with progress review. Then, after one week, third session will take place which will include more relaxing treatment and further more time for reviewing the progress.

Advantages of stop smoking laser therapy

This therapy is quite inexpensive when you compare it to your monthly expense on cigarette purchasing. This laser therapy also helps patients loose weight by suppressing appetite. It does not involve any harsh chemicals which other methods of quitting smoking involve. That is why it is completely harmless.

Stop smoking laser treatment is the safest and surest method for people trying to quit smoking. It has no side effects and the results are great. If you have tried other treatments, and have gained no success, then this therapy is certainly for you.