Meeting Your Physician

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Doctors and dentists could be a great source of information for those who want to quit smoking. Your physician could provide you insights in to the health risks of smoking and provide you tips for quitting. If you are finding it difficult to quit smoking even after several tries, it is high time you consult your physician to help you with the same. Your physician is the best man to provide you information about the proper use and potential side effects of different types of medications especially nicotine replacement therapy. He will also help you in finding the local smoking cessation programs which could help you walk out of the pathetic situation.

In fact, physician-patient dialogue is an important part of smoking cessation plan. The health care providers are doing a great job by encouraging smokers to quit smoking. Besides providing the appropriate tools to quit smoking, your physician can also track your progress in your smoking cessation plan.

A dialog is important between you and your physician for the following reasons:

1) Your physician can compel you to talk out aloud about your smoking habits and thus get to the root of the problem.
2) He is the best man to advice on the method that you should use for quitting.
3) He will assess your willingness to quit and provide you advice accordingly.
4) Your physician will certainly assist you with your smoking cessation treatments and referrals.
5) Above all, your physician will arrange follow up for you so that you are able to sustain quitting.

In a recent survey, it has been proved that those smokers who ask for help are more likely to quit than those who do not. Consulting your physician will provide you instant and accurate help and thus double your chances of quitting.