Quitting The Smoke In-House

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There are lots of medications and therapies available to make you quit smoking. These medications are beneficial as they make it a lot more easier to give up smoking. They also help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms. But, what are the other options if yours is a severe case of nicotine addiction? Can these medications alone help?

Nicotine is a drug with a dangerous addiction. It is found in the tobacco smoke along with 4000 chemicals out of which around 60 are carcinogenic. Most of the smokers find it difficult to get out from the clutches of nicotine. Even if you succeed in abstaining from smoking for a few days, the chances of relapse are very high because your body finds it difficult to cope with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

To cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms and make it easier for you to stop smoking, different smoking cessation programs such as laser treatment, acupuncture, zyban, herbal medicines, and nicotine replacement therapies are available. All these treatments have their own pros and cons.

But what should one do in severe cases of drug addiction? Is it possible for the above medications to cure the severe cases? Or, is there some other form of treatment available to deal with them?

One such treatment for severe cases is to get in-house medical treatments. In-house medical treatments simply mean admitting the addict in an asylum or a rehabilitation center. When it is impossible for the nicotine addict to kick smoking with the help of other ways, he has to voluntarily or in consultation with the family get admitted in a rehabilitation center.

In a rehabilitation center, the addict is under the constant observation of the health care providers. The addict is made to go through different forms of therapies, is made to think about finer things in life, and is made to engage himself in his hobbies. When the authorities are convinced about his full recovery, he is allowed to go home.

Severe nicotine addiction is rare, but not impossible. So before you light that cigarette, just think about it!