Varenicline (Chantix) - The New Drug Cessation Pill on the Block

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The generic drug varenicline is commercially known as Chantix. It is a recently launched smoking cessation medication and if reports are to be believed, it is rapidly becoming popular amongst those who want to give up smoking.

Varenicline- its specific use

Varenicline (Chantix) does not contain nicotine and therefore is used as a part of smoking cessation programs. It is not an over the counter drug and obtaining it requires the prescription of a doctor. The drug, just like other nicotine drugs, is used in order to counter craving and withdrawal symptoms. Hence, it is to be used in order to sustain rather than obtain a smoke-free lifestyle.

Its method of working

The manner in which Chantix works as a smoking cessation pill is unique. It works mainly by acting upon those areas of the brain which get simulated by nicotine. The drug lowers the effect of satisfaction that nicotine produces in the mind. Hence, it helps disappoint smokers who are looking for some kind of mental peace through smoking, thereby improving their chances of giving up smoking.

Rate of success of chantix

The use of Chantix to suppress any real sense of satisfaction that could be derived out of smoking seems to be a perfect approach to get rid of the habit of smoking, at least theoretically. In reality, this actually works. The rate of success of this method is at least double, if not treble, the chances of giving up smoking through other means.

Are there any Side-effects?
Just like most smoking cessation drugs, Chantix too has its fair share of side-effect problems. The common side-effects observed are as follows:
* Constipation.
* Nausea and, in very few cases, vomiting.
* A feeling of sleepiness.
* Disturbed sleep accompanied by vivid, strange, or unusual dreams.

If you start experiencing any of the following side-effects, then immediately stop taking the medication and consult your doctor.
* When you begin to behave in ways that are not typical for you.
* When a feeling of anxiousness or nervousness dawns upon you.
* When you feel depressed.
* When you feel upset, tense, or edgy.
* When you feel different, with strange emotions.
* And when you feel suicidal (in both thoughts or actions).

Taking Chantix-Some Advice

Begin taking Chantix only a week before you actually plan to quit smoking. Its intake would reduce the amount of satisfaction that you otherwise derived from smoking. Do not try to reach the same level by lighting up more cigarettes. It would be fruitless.

Chantix is to be taken twice a day, usually after the meals.

If you have a history of mental illness, have kidney problems, or are pregnant or lactating mother, then it is best to discuss the suitability of the use of Chantix with your doctor.