Anti smoking campaigns- for what purpose

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The ultimate truth behind anti smoking campaign is just one, aim of turning as many smokers as possible to non smokers. Very often, many older smokers think that smoking does not have too much ill effects on them as they have come of age but the fact is that smoking has same effects on the smokers, regardless of their age. Smoking is equally dangerous for the younger people as it is for the older ones. Some anti smoking campaigns are designed specially to target a particular section of the society. These campaigns targeting old people expose the various ill effects of smoking on them. For more information on the effects of smoking on older people, read Anti smoking campaigns- for what purpose.

Stop smoking or anti tobacco life is the main agenda of anti smoking campaigns but all these should be done with a loud and inspirational voice to generate a deep impact upon the smokers. These campaigns highlight the adverse effects of smoking on people of all ages.

Smokers among the older people are two to three times more likely to develop cataracts, a leading cause of blindness and visual loss. Moreover, by taking each puff, they are decreasing the span of their life. So, instead of doing nothing, they should take the help of smoking cessation programs and anti smoking products which would help them in giving up their habit. Smoking cigarettes can be avoided by opting for effective ways to quit this habit. Therefore, the truth behind anti smoking campaign consists of applying efforts to make smokers quit their habit.