Clear Your Mind Of Smoky Thoughts

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When you are trying to quit, thoughts pertaining to cigarettes will constantly cloud your mind. Some of these smoky thoughts might even sound convincing enough for you to take up ciggaratees again. It is important that you clear your mind of these smoking thoughts and develop a more positive outlook towards things instead. Here are some of the most common smoky thoughts that you must stay away from.

I will smoke only a single cigarette to keep my mind off smoking.
Instead of thinking to puff a cigarette, tell yourself that these cravings are temporary. These cravings will only reduce by each passing day and eventually you will be able to overcome them. Make yourself understand that smoking will only make your cravings stronger and this way you will never be able to say goodbye to cigarettes.

I deserve a cigarette after a long tiring day.
Ask yourself 'Do I really deserve burnt lungs and poor breathing after a long tiring day?' And the answer would surely be no. Tell yourself that there are better rewards that a cigarette like a good massage, a nice movie, your comfort food and the like.

I just cannot bear the urge to smoke any longer.
No matter how strong your craving is, it will not last for more than three minutes. Tell yourself that if you do not resist the urge to smoke now, you will never be able to quit. Make yourself understand and believe that you are determined enough to resist the urge to smoke.

I have already smoked a cigarette so I can easily go ahead and smoke another one.
If you make the mistake of smoking when trying to quit, don't get disappointed or demoralized. Instead, show faith in yourself by telling yourself that it is only human to make mistakes and you are willing to learn from your mistakes. Once you accept your mistake, it will be easier to move on.

I am irritating people around with my grumpy attitude by not smoking.

Ask yourself - 'What is better to annoy people around temporarily or to die of lung cancer?' You will get a suitable answer from within. And, even if you are being grumpy because you are trying to quit, your friends will understand.

I can smoke one cigarette at least now that I have almost quit the habit.
So, you think you can really do with a single cigarette? Make yourself understand that it can never be just one cigarette. Once you puff in the smoke, you will be dying to take the next cigarette from the pack.

I know people who smoked and still never fell sick.
It is true that some people are lucky enough to survive the ill effects of smoking. But, are you sure that you too are lucky enough? Perhaps not!

Put an end to the smoky thinking and it will be much easier to kick the butt.