Detoxification Helps Smokers To Quit

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Detox, short for detoxification, has become quite a buzz word in certain circles today. Detox as the name suggests is a treatment which people with an addiction to either alcohol or certain drugs undergo. It is a therapy which cleanses the system and helps eliminate potentially toxic substances from the human body.

Detox is a form of? rehabilitation, which is used to treat any kind of addiction.. The process involves abstaining from the drug to clear any trace levels that there are in the body. It is accompanied by social and environmental support which is very important as the person undergoes tremendous psychological or physiological stress.

The regimen entails a planned diet and other means to remove dietary toxins from the body. The diet plan includes food that would help eliminate, cleanse and improve blood circulation and clear toxic substances. . Since there is a tremendous load on the liver, adequate nutrients are provided to support it.

The detox diet should ensure regular bowel movements as? that is the primary method of getting rid of toxic substances.

The detox regimen should be taken under an expert?s supervision who can plan out the routine depending upon level of the smoker?s addiction. The diet mainly includes lots of water taken preferably warm or at room temperature as water is necessary to clear waste from the blood. Fruits and vegetables containing anti oxidants, beta carotene, selenium and zinc should also be taken.

A detoxification regimen should not have a very long duration and should be done only under medical guidance. The results and efficacy of the treatment should be constantly monitored. It should be done on a routine base to get the best results. Once the body gets used to this diet it becomes? be easier for a smoker to leave his addiction.? The body will be cleansed and the smoker will feel healthier. This will inspire him to suppress the nicotine craving.? It is of course the will power of the smoker, which will make a tremendous difference to the results.