Do Methods For Quitting Smoking Help?

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As an unwilling smoker who wants to quit smoking you commit a basic mistake. You are in search for methods to quit smoking. What you need is a method to quit smoking. If you contemplate more than one method, perhaps you are not going to follow any one of them with determination. And without determination, you will not be able to quit smoking.

Of these methods, now you have to decide which one is most suitable for you. There is nothing like easy method and the hard method. The first month of your decision is going to be tough. If you sail through this tough stormy sea, calm waters may greet you ahead.

Now, you have a well devised plan and you are brimming with motivation. In the beginning you need to take the assistance of quit-smoking aids. These may give you some psychological edge, but in reality it will not help. In the first month, you will count each day and perhaps each hour of the day.

You are stressed, beyond the limit?and yet, you need to tolerate. Diet-planning can wait, but in the meantime make a time table for physical exercises, and for breathing exercises. Have fixed hours of sleep. One good point about you, the smoker is that you don't smoke, while asleep, except in dreams.

Advertise a lot in your family, with your friends, in your office, that you are no more a smoker. Earnestly solicit the support of your well-wishers and family members in your effort to quit smoking.

When the urge becomes difficult to resist, that is the time to resist! Take a book on horror- fiction, sit on the computer, take a bath, go to the kitchen and start cooking your favorite dish.

All the tobacco products need to be out of bound for you. Destroy the existing stock. Never think of gifting them to your still smoking friends. That which is not beneficial for your health, how can it help their cause?

With your solid determination in tact, no harm is there in your taking recourse to smoking aids. Zyban, which is a prescription medicine, reduces your craving for nicotine. You can also try some herbal equivalents of Zyban and they do not require prescription, and they will do you some good. You can also take recourse to laser treatment.

But keep your will power in tact. Nothing to beat it. Will power is like the constitutional guarantee to an individual. You await a glorious time, full of inner freedom, totally devoid of smoke coils.

Good for you, better for people around you and the best happening, all things considered!