Drink Lots of Lime Juice ? Reduce Bad Effects of Smoking

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Smoking is an addiction which is very difficult to quit. Nicotine is an addictive substance and creates a physiological dependence. The smoker?s body begins to crave Nicotine.? Moreover, smokers become psychologically addicted and they need something in their hands to keep themselves busy.

There are various quit smoking aids available in the market which a person can use. These can be selected according to availability and level of addiction. These nicotine substitutes may have their own side effects. A natural way to quit smoking is to sip lime juice at regular intervals. It is? regarded as a good method to quit smoking.

Sipping lime juice has certain advantages. For one, the smoker has something to do, to distract himself from the craving to smoke. The Vitamin C content in the lime juice helps reduce the craving to smoke and also reduces the effect of nicotine by flushing out the nicotine present in the body. Smokers are? recommended to drink lots of water, consume citrus? fruits and vegetables in order to? maintain a healthy diet and routine and to reduce the ill effect of the nicotine in the body. Lime juice is easily available and cheap, unlike other nicotine substitutes which have their own side effects and are expensive.

Lime juice can be taken even if the smoker continues to smoke. This will help to reduce the ill effects of Nicotine.. Although sipping of lime juice at certain intervals will not help a smoker to quit, it will definitely be helpful as the smoker has something to do. Lime juice is beneficial as it helps to solve other problems such as weight gain and stomach problems.

In the final analysis, it is up to the smoker to gather the will power and determination to quit. There is no aid which can replace the lack of will power.