Filters to Stop Smoking- A Smoker's Perspective

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Many people have realized that smoking is not good for health and are looking for innovative ways to quit smoking. Special filters are designed for these people. These filters regulate the amount of nicotine that reaches your body so that gradually you get lesser and lesser amount of nicotine and your dependence is reduced without any withdrawal symptoms.

How do they work
There are many options to choose from if you are in the market to buy these special filters. Two most popular options are NIC-OUT and One Step at a Time - both of these work on the same principle which the claim is the most natural way to quit smoking. These filters come in varying strengths so you start with the one which allows most of the nicotine to pass. Gradually, you move on to those filters which? allow lesser amount of nicotine to pass. Then you come to the filters which allow only the minimal amount of nicotine to pass. As you change filters, your nicotine intake and gradually your nicotine dependence comes down.

Generally these filters come transparent. As you use them, tar and muck gets accumulated in the filter which you can see from your own eyes. As you realize that all this would have otherwise accumulated in your body, you become all the more motivated to stop smoking

Advantages of using these filters
The main advantage is that these filters do not just cut down the nicotine that is to enter your body, it also cuts the tar that would have entered the body. Obviously it does not remove all the tar but whatever it removes still makes a considerable difference. Second advantage is that these filters are reusable. Each filter can be used for anywhere between 5-10 cigarettes. Since you get all the advantages of built in filter of cigarette, you get double the benefit without having to spend a lot of money of filters. The third main advantage is that you get a look at what is entering your lungs. This makes you more motivated to quit.

Limitations of filters meant to stop smoking
The inherent design of these filters and the approach they use to help you quit smoking puts certain limitations on them. First limitation is the one step at a time approach which is slow. While you will be able stop smoking, it will become a matter of months. Additionally, it requires a lot of self control, especially in the days when you are reducing the nicotine intake. As your nicotine intake goes down, your craving goes up, making it much harder for you to actually quit smoking.

All in all, if you have that kind of self control and can do with a long period to get rid of smoking habit, stop smoking filter is effective enough for you.