Follow A Plan To Quit Smoking And Stick To It!

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The first thing to do when you decide to quit smoking is to create a list of reasons why you have decided to quit. This may be health related or may be a response to relationships that you have. Once you start to change your mind about why you are smoking and the things that are associated with smoking, it will make it easier for you to take the next steps. Make sure to keep this list at hand for times when the withdrawal is trying to move you back into smoking. This list can be of health reasons, as well as mental and social reasons to help you quit.

The next step to take is to further your knowledge on what smoking causes and how you can stop. This will allow you to set everything in place so that it will be easier for you to stop and stick to your plans. Books and consistent information about smoking is one of the ways in which this will help. Developing a support group around you through friends and family is another way to stop your addiction. One of the support groups that you can use is with a physician to get a physical. Let them know that you are going to quit smoking, and ask what can be used to help regain your strength. A third resource you can use is by creating your own support by starting a quit journal. These will be consistent reminders for you to stop smoking.

The most important part of the plan is to find the right date to quit smoking. Usually, this should be done within the next two weeks after you have decided to quit. The day can be decided by finding a time when you will have little stress around you as well as a day when there are not any obligations to fulfill. This will give your body time to adjust to the change and will give you room to relax and let the changes begin to take place.

After you have decided the day that you are going to quit smoking, you can continue to prepare and change your environment and habits in order to help support your habit to quit. Changing your diet, getting supplemental vitamins, and creating spaces that will help you to relax will all help fight off the cravings that you will have to go back to smoking. You can also begin to substitute cigarettes for things such as candy and gum in order to help you to get to stop.

One of the things to keep in mind when you are carrying out with your plans to quit smoking is keeping a positive attitude when you are quitting. Feelings of doubt and negativity may begin to sink in as the withdrawal symptoms take place. Having different tools in place to replace these feelings will help you to move past your smoking habit at a quicker pace. Including things such as rewards for making it through a day without smoking will help replace the negative thoughts with different positive thoughts.