Gradually Quit Smoking

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It is typical of human nature that once we? get used to something, we can? leave it step by step or gradually and not overnight. A bad habit is formed very easily and it takes time to reform and change ourselves. Smoking is a bad habit and like all bad habits is not easy to give up. It takes time for a smoker kick the habit. A slow, steady and consistent approach is the best way to quit smoking.

The after effect of nicotine laden smoke is such that it seems to relax a person for some time. The smoker feels relieved and less burdened and the effect may feel so good that the smoker, gradually, over a period of time becomes addicted. Smokers become neurotic and come to the stage when they have to have something in their hands to comfort themselves.

It becomes a matter of simple logic, that if this ugly habit has caught you gradually then it can be stopped only in a gradual manner.

To stop smoking all of a sudden requires immense dedication and willpower. It is definitely not impossible and in many ways a sudden and abrupt goodbye is the best way a person can quit smoking. In this case a smoker has to be prepared to handle severe withdrawal symptoms.

Other medications and aids available definitely help a smoker to gradually quit smoking and if judiciously used are able to manage withdrawal symptoms.? The medications may either be formulated for two purposes. The first purpose is delivering an adequate amount of nicotine. The second purpose is to relax the smoker and calm the nerves.

If a smoker plans to quit smoking gradually he has several ways and options available. Consulting a doctor is the first and foremost step that a smoker, who is planning to quit, should take. The doctor will be able to thoroughly examine the smoker and be able to suggest the best course of action.

A smoker should take the initiative to quit smoking. Since all of us who smoke do not have the determination to suddenly give up smoking, we might as well take up a gradual, yet consistent approach.