How to Help Someone Quit Smoking?

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If some one you love or care about wants to give up cigarettes, you should definitely support them. Indeed readily extend a helping hand to them. Though the onus of giving up smoking lies on some one who smokes, still you can play a major role by helping a smoker give up this filthy and life threatening habit.

Here are a few ways in which you can help someone quit smoking.

1. Understand that people give up smoking only when they feel that it is the time to give up. It won't matter whether anybody asks them to quit smoking. Hence, wait till the person brings up the subject them self. Let them talk about the idea and benefits of giving up smoking.

2. When somebody has expressed their desire to quit smoking, be all ears. When they have done that, affirm your agreement and voice your support for their endeavors. However, do not give them advice as they are in charge of the situation and know what would work the best.

3. Employ the talking cure. Giving up smoking is not simply about the success of the method employed. It is about a desire to smoke, a desire which has deep rooted psychological reason behind it. You can let or encourage the person to talk more about them and the things which affects then the most. This would help them feel light-headed and also get rid of any psychological reasons to continue with smoking.

4. If a smoker is close to you then you can give them suitable rewards once they attain specific goals. There are many different ways of pampering them. You can opt for any of them and make them feel how important a part are they of your life and how much quitting smoking meant for you.

5. Divert their attention from anything which tempts them to smoke. You need to find ways to engage them so as to divert their attention from fag to other meaningful things in life. There should just be no reason to entice them to light up a cigarette.

6. Encourage them, if they have relapsed on their attempt to give up smoking. Tell that at least it was a try. However, ensure that the person makes another attempt at giving up smoking. Keep on doing it at regular intervals till the time the smoker has given up forever.

7. Help them with withdrawal symptoms. Make them aware that once they have given up smoking, there would be certain bodily responses (like fatigue, headaches, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, irritability, nervousness, and vertigo) that might bother them. Emphasize that these are nothing but a sign of successfully giving up smoking.

8. Believe in yourself. Trust in your ability to bring about change. If you won't trust yourself, nobody would see any reason in listening to your opinions or what you have to say to them.

So, to extend help is not just a matter of exercising the good side of self; it is also in your interest if you minimize the number of smokers around you. The smoke exhaled by smokers passes into our lungs and can cause almost the same damage that it does to the lungs of the smokers.