How Quit Smoking Slogans Could help you

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Slogans are the most silent tools and the strongest weapon in the hands of those fighting for a cause big enough with a view to having a more privileged generation ahead.

?Health is wealth?, ?Cancer cures smoking?, ?Smoking and wrinkles are best friends?, ?No smoke no life, but? No life with smoke? -- All these slogans sound good enough. They are true, but need to be implied very seriously on the part of the smoker if he wishes to improve his health, environment, and people who surround him.

Slogans should be short and attractive, and should convey the main message directly. They can be sarcastic and a mocking tone should be used to make the concerned people ponder about it and connect themselves. Slogans to quit smoking can be very helpful to make a smoker quit his addiction as far as psychological impact is concerned. They can be publicized in such a way that it holds the attention of every person, be it a smoker or a non smoker, to prevent even those who can get addicted to it.

One might wonder how slogans could be helpful in making a smoker quit smoking. When a person requires reforming himself, a total enhancement is required, be it physical or psychological. Physically, a person can go for nicotine replacements to reduce his level of addiction. Psychological development is also required to keep him going, because quitting though is easier, staying in such a state for long is rather difficult. With the help of these slogans, the reason for staying in such a state is always going to be dominant in the mind of the smoker or any person who reads it. This is the main aim of any slogan, be it for any cause.

Different slogans to quit smoking should be placed at all major places, institutes, hospitals, websites so that the smokers can always keep them in their mind. If applied and given a good thought, this is the cheapest and the best way through which a person could kick the habit of smoking.