How Hypnosis helps to Quit Smoking?

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For many people, to give up the habit of smoking is a difficult task to achieve. They have shifted from one method of quitting smoking to another; and the rate of success has been quite inconsistent. For these individuals, and even for others who want to quit smoking, help has come in the form of the method of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis- What it really is?
Hypnosis is a verbally induced trance-like mental state of existence. In this state, the subject under hypnosis ceases the process of active thought and perception. The mind gives up its control over the body due to which there is a temporary state of inactivity induced in the subject.

Giving up Smoking- the main cause of its failure
It has been observed that the success of an attempt to give up smoking is more about having a control over our will, instead of the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of the means employed. Researchers have observed that even the best of smoking cessation means can fail if the smoker has a weak will to quit. In fact, if a smoker has a weak will they would not be able to even begin a smoking cessation program, let alone complete it. A weak will-power would always exist within them as a mental block against giving up smoking.

How can Hypnosis help with Smoking Cessation?
Hypnosis can play a role in a smoking cessation program by working upon the weak will of the smoker. It can aid the will to consciously give up the dangerous habit of smoking. However, hypnosis might not work all by itself. But it can do wonders when used along with conventional smoking cessation methods. In such a case, it can significantly increase the rate of success of these methods.

Hypnosis helps in smoking cessation programs because it allows the mind to think in a more coherent and focused manner. In a state of hypnosis, the individual has usually given up all control over his mental as well physical abilities. This giving up is only temporary though; the individual usually takes up a specific mental attitude (which then controls his/her physical existence). When made a part of smoking cessation program, the idea of giving up smoking is made the dominant thought in the mind and the body works accordingly.

Hypnosis in Smoking Cessation programs- Does it Really Work?
Not all people fully believe in the idea of a hypnotic state of existence in which the human mind can be subdued. They argue that the human will is an extremely strong force to contend with and it, under most circumstances, can not be overcome. Hence, hypnosis' help in smoking cessation is not believed by them. Their stance has been further augmented by medical researches which have not been able to give empirically verifiable data about the success of this method.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding the method, hypnosis is still being used by many people in smoking cessation programs. However, it is used only to complement medical methods of giving up smoking, as some kind of booster shot.