Check out Some New Ways to Give up Smoking

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Before you move any further, here is a sobering thought. Only 3 per cent of those who are attempting to quit smoking are able to do so. Hence, if you too find yourself in this group of smokers-who-want-to-give- up, chances of you emerging victorious are going to be very slim. However, this does not mean a hopeless situation. It is just that it would be difficult to quit smoking.

How to improve your chances of quitting?
It has been observed that the thing which helps people quit smoking is their resolve. Unless smokers are highly motivated to absolutely give up the habit of smoking, they would not be able to do so. Even after that, giving up smoking would not be an easy thing to do. One might even have to make numerous attempts at quitting smoking.

Give up smoking through smoking cessation drugs
The time taken to quit smoking through resolve only will be too much. This time can be cut down to a small fraction with the help of some new ways of giving up smoking. By combining will power with smoking-cessation aids, the chances of giving up smoking can be increased in favor of the smoker. Aids such as pharmaceutical agents (varenicline and bupropion), and nicotine replacement therapy (gum, inhaler, patch, lozenge, nasal spray) can help improve a smoker's chances of giving up smoking.

Does genetics play any role?
Apart from these methods, researchers are also trying to make use of some recent findings in the field of genetics. According to a study published in the September issue of Biological Psychiatry, certain genetic patterns were observed in those who quit smoking through specific aided-means. Specific genes had helped these people to respond more effectively to the different methods employed. Researchers are now trying to incorporate this data in to smoking cessation programmes being run currently.

Make use of social support
Another method of improving your chances of giving up smoking is through increased social support. We already have our family members and friends around us who can motivate us to quit. This support group can be increase with the inclusion of online support groups that have emerged over the last few years.

Use gadgets to aid your resolution
There are some low-tech and high-tech gadgets available that claim to help us quit smoking. Examples could be Ruyan E-Cigarette and the Cigarette Counter. The first gadget claims to help us quit smoking by allowing us to only mimic the complete experience of smoking. The second gadget is a simple cigarette stick calculator fixed on top of your cigarette pack. According to claims made by its producers, counting the number of cigarettes taken out of the pack can help one keep a tab on the number of sticks smoken.

To what extent these gadgets can help quit smoking is something that is still not clear; so people should not bank too much upon them for support. The real support for such an endeavor should come from inside. You should analyse your-self, find out what is hindering your smoking-cessation attempts and address them individually. Once you have done that, these tools can improve your chances of making it through.