Other Techniques For Quitting Smoking

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Many smokers are unaware of certain options available for quitting smoking which are highly effective, as these methods treat some nerves of your body to kick smoking out of your life. Mostly, smokers know about various smoking cessation programs and anti smoking products which are there in great number and due to this smokers often get confused about the right one. But, some lesser known methods like laser and acupuncture are highly effective in quitting smoking. In fact the term laser acupuncture for quit smoking depicts the role of both of these methods to stop smoking cigarettes. Also, laser treatment uses the acupuncture techniques to do away with the smoking habit. For more information on these techniques, read No Smoking By Laser Technology.

It uses soft lasers and bio-electrical stimulation to trigger key energy or acupuncture points of the body. So, it is clear that laser uses the concept of acupuncture for smoking cessation. The main villain is the nicotine which is found in the cigarettes and is highly addictive. Laser treatment uses a low powered laser, no more powerful than a 60-watt light bulb, to treat nicotine addiction. Energy points related to addiction are identified and treated with a combination of helium neon laser and electro-bio-stimulation.

So, laser treatment is a confluence of laser technology and acupuncture, and is therefore, an effective method for giving up smoking.