Quit Smoking Shot - Have You Heard Of Shots To Stop Smoking?

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Have you ever tried to stop smoking?? You must have experienced severe pain and different kinds of side effects.? It is because you are not getting enough nicotine and suffering from severe pain and? different types of side effects.

The SMARTTM Shot has been introduced to help you quit smoking. It contains two medicines, Scopalamine and Atarax, which are both FDA approved. SMART stands for Scopolamine Medicated Anticholinergic Receptor Treatment. The medicine Scopolamine is a medicine which has been used to treat seasickness. Atarax is an antihistamine, like Benadryl.

Both of the medications block the brain receptors and ease the physical pains associated with the withdrawal of nicotine. The injection is administered on the hips or the buttocks. Side effects can happen, so it is advisable to talk to a doctor before going in for this treatment.

But others view that it happen only when there will be used high doses of atropine. Studies show that around 40% of the people stopped smoking who have used this treatment. Some clinics claim that 80% is the success rate. Others doctors believe that more work should be done before establishing these drugs as effective means of treatment.
? vision, difficulty in urinating, dizziness, dry mouth and confusion are some of the side effects caused by these anti-smoking shots. Excessive dose of these anti-smoking shots? may cause heart attack, coma and stroke.

Dr. Voelker is the brain child behind this medication. He has studied on fighting smoking, lung cancer, emphysema and COPD for the last ten years. He has also studied and pioneered early lung cancer detection methods and their treatment. After his study he taught these methods across the country to other medical practitioners.? The director of the doctor's hospital pulmonary and critical care department at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, he is certified in internal medicine, critical care, and pulmonary medicine, and also listed in the Who?s Who of medicine.

The treatment is not for pregnant? women or patients who have heart rhythm problems or prostate problems or are taking mood-altering drugs. If you have any of these problems you should not take any of these medications.