Quit Smoking with the Lifesign Computer

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All of us? know that computer are a boon and have transformed, beyond recognition, the way we do a lot of things. Computers have come to our rescue and help us in a number of ways. It would be strange to know that a computer could also be helpful to quit our smoking addiction.

Lifesign also known as the Quit Key is a hand held computer that creates a personalized, smoking reduction program for the smoker. The Lifesign computer is very easy to operate. The smoker has just to feed into the data computer a record each time the smoker smokes a cigarette. The Lifesign stores the data internally.? Provided that the smoker has entered the data correctly,? the lifesign makes a customized quit plan for the smoker. In the next seven days it reminds you when to smoke. There is an alarm which will ring automatically when you need to smoke. In this way it helps the smoker to gradually alter the routine.

The smoker needs to make sincere efforts to follow the program. The smoker should smoke only as per the alert.? If the smoker is tempted to smoke otherwise, he or she should take up some or the other activity to control the urge to smoke. The alert will gradually give the resistance power and the will to reduce the level of smoking in a gradual manner.

The Lifesign could be one of the best ways to quit smoking. There are no drugs or side effects involved. It is scientifically proven, convenient, and easy to carry and is a personalized means of self help. No more doctors and prescriptions required as? it is totally for you and by you.