Run to Quit Smoking

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If you would like to quit smoking and gain health simultaneously, then adopt running and its many advantages as a means to help you achieve both the goals.

In fitness terms, running is looked upon as one of the best forms of exercise that a human body can get. Not only does it help you get your body in shape, it also helps crack down on smoking and its problems without the side effects of any medications. What's more, most experts agree that this form of exercise is far more effective then other anti smoking means such as the patch or similar treatments.

Why running works
While running, the body releases endorphins which travel to the brain. These particular hormones induce feelings of overall exhilaration. However, the endorphins are also released when smoking and thus people find themselves craving for the same sensations over and over and eventually become addicted to cigarettes. However, when running, a smoker does not feel the need to indulge in some more nicotine to get the same kick as it is already being produced in the body naturally.

There are several other benefits to running of course and include weight loss and also a better sense of self. Statistics show that keeping fit contributes considerably to mental and emotional wellbeing by cutting down on overall stress. What's more, as the number of cigarettes goes down each day, a person will have more energy to workout or engage in other strenuous physical activities. It would be good to keep in mind that most star running athletes typically do not smoke.

For those who have given up smoking successfully, running could very well become a healthy lifestyle choice. For most smokers, weight gain is a common by product leaving the cigarette which can be remedied easily by the correct exercise- in this case, running. What's more, this would also minimize chances of a possible relapse into the old habits.

?More Motivation to run
Marathons, especially those in the cities not only promote a sense of community but may also motivate people to cut down on tobacco. There are specific organizations which setup marathons with the sole objective of getting people off smoke. For running enthusiasts on tobacco, giving it up for the marathon may very well make more sense than other form of motivation.

Therefore, as most people suspect, the best way to get rid of the fag is by doing it naturally with mind, spirit and body. And while will power and determination is bound to provide the necessary mental and emotional support, running or exercising the body will provide the required physical strength to successfully deal with this impediment.