Smoke Free In 30 Days- A Complete Book Review

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"Recovery is not a triumph of willpower but a triumph of self-love and of love from those around you."

This is what the author of the book - "Smoke free in 30 days" has to say to those who are trying to quit smoking. Daniel F. Seidman is the director of smoking cessation services at Columbia University's Behavioral Medicine Program and offers all the help to people who are trying to quit smoking with his book.

Easy to read
It becomes difficult to read a book that is written in the form of a thesis and especially when it is on a subject like 'quit smoking'. To make sure that the book does not seem boring, the author has divided the book into four sections. These are;

* Section one: Understanding nicotine addiction- This section talks about the different types of smokers, factors that encourage an individual to take up smoking and ill effects of the habit. It also emphasizes on the psychological aspect of smoking.
* Section two: Preparing to quit- This section talks about various quit smoking aids available in the market that can help you give up the habit. While Dr Seidman talks about these quit smoking aids, he also emphasizes that these aids can only support the process of quitting and not work as a complete solution.
* Section Three: Becoming Smoke Free- This section discusses what an individual may have to deal with on giving up the habit. It also emphasizes on how an individual can prevent a relapse.
* Section Four: Day by day calendar- It helps quitters during the first month after they give up smoking. It discusses one single day at a time.

Practical cum motivational approach
There are so many quit smoking books available in the market. But, most of these books emphasize only on the motivational aspect. There are only very few books that offer practical help as to how you can give up smoking. "Smoke free in 30 days" talks about both the physical as well as practical aspect and offers a complete solution to quit smoking.

Misses on support
While the book includes everything that a person trying to quit smoking will need, it misses out on the importance of support. The author does not talk much about how a person should use the available support to give up the habit much easily.

With this book at your aid, you will not just have something interesting to read but you will also be able to give away one of the most deadly habits. Start reading and enjoy a smoke free and healthier you.