The New and Effective Stop Smoking Devices

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For quite some time now, people have been aware of the ill effects of smoking. Excessive smoking can lead to lung cancer or throat cancer. This is the reason that a number of ways to help people stop smoking are in continuous development. One of these ways is electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes are perhaps the best choice among all stop smoking devices currently available in the market.

One important thing that you would notice about these stop smoking devices is that they are? designed to look just like any normal cigarette. The degree of originality is so high that they come with a provision of artificial smoke as well. However these devices do not use any tobacco, which is the whole point of trying to stop smoking. If you use these electronic cigarettes, you will inhale the vapors of nicotine which are generated in the cigarette, without having to worry about the dangerous impacts of tobacco consumption.

The nicotine vapors come from specially crafted cartridges of nicotine which are available for different models of these stop smoking devices. Generally the nicotine in cartridge is in liquid form. The electronic cigarette is equipped with a small, battery powered atomizer which coverts the liquid nicotine into nicotine vapors which are then directed to the user because of the inhaling effect. The main advantage is that when you inhale nicotine vapors, unlike chewing them in a gum, the effect starts at a much faster pace. Most electronic cigarettes are also equipped with a small, blinking LED light at the tip. This is to emulate the glow of an actually burning cigarette.

The fuel

While technically the electronic cigarettes are battery powered, their fuel is nicotine cartridge. The nicotine cartridge is available in varying? strengths. Generally the classification of strength is at three levels - full, half and minimal. Such a stepped approach makes? these electronic cigarettes rather effective stop smoking devices. If you are totally addicted to smoking and want to quit, you can start by moving to electronic cigarettes. At the beginning, you may want to take full strength cartridges. As you get used to this new way of smoking, you may reduce the level to half, then minimal and gradually, you will be free of nicotine addiction.

As told earlier, these electronic cigarettes are better because the nicotine takes effect much faster, but this is not all. These cigarettes emulate the effect of smoking to the very core - why else would they have a blinking LED. Moreover the electronic cigarettes work out to be cheaper than stop smoking gums and the like - with a price differential of as much as 2 factor. Finally these electronic stop smoking devices can be used anywhere, even in areas where tobacco and cigarettes are banned. After all these are not a tobacco based product!