Stop Smoking Herbs - Have You Tried Natural Herbs to Quit Smoking?

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It is hard to quit smoking, and many people find it difficult to quit. They quit smoking for short periods of time and suffer from frequent relapses. After this, they start all over again, with the addiction being psychologically reinforced.

Many people try natural ways to quit smoking. They use herbs to stop smoking. It is a very popular method these days. You can prevent smoking by the use of herbs.
Every smoker faces withdrawal symptoms upon quitting cigarettes. Herbs offer cures that lead to positive mood swings in the person. As a result, the smoker is able to control the urge to light up another cigarette.

One natural substance that is used to quit smoking is lobelia. This is also called as Indian tobacco. This is an old and controversial herb. This has become recently popular with smokers who want to quit, but cannot. Historically, this product has been used as an expectorant, and has been used to bring symptomatic relief in cases of asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough and pleurisy.

Lobelia is an important herb, with many uses. It acts as a relaxant. It reduces inflammations and pain. It checks hyperactivity. It eases muscle tension and convulsions. Many say that this herbal product makes the taste of regular tobacco, repulsive. Naturalists say that it calms the nerves and relaxes body muscles. This eases mild depression.

Current evidence says that lobelia is very similar to Nicotine in its effects on the human body. Despite this, the herbal product is not addictive. This product in turn helps to eliminate the desire to smoke. However, the product comes with a caveat. It should not be abused or overused. Overuse of lobelia can cause vomit, respiratory failure, weak pulse and drowsiness.?

Mimosa tea is another important herb. This evergreen shrub is found in north eastern Brazil and southern Mexico. The root bark of this plant is used to prepare a psychoactive sacramental beverage.? A strong cup of mimosa tea can boost your mood and calm your nerves, in case you are suffering from Nicotine withdrawal symptoms.? The herb is also used as an anti-depressant

If you are fighting Nicotine withdrawal symptoms, then eating lots of fruit and vegetables help you to flush out your system.

Remember that we only have one life to live. Let us make the best out of it.