The Latest Methods to Quit Smoking

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There are many methods to quit smoking. These? methods will help you to completely quit smoking. There is a vast range of methods from regular methods to unconventional and alternative? treatments.. You can find various ways to stop smoking. Methods are useless in case you, yourself do not want to quit smoking. Every thing is in your mind. No one can come to your rescue in case you are not serious about quitting smoking.

It is important to resolve to quit smoking. Once you have made that resolution then you are on the path to a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

One of the new ways to quit smoking is with the help of laser treatment. In this process, the beam of light is placed on selected energy points of the body. The laser helps in the discharge of endorphins in the body. These chemicals reduce the patient?s nicotine craving.. Although this treatment costs less than other laser treatments, it is definitely costlier than other available methods to stop smoking. These treatments generally cost one hundred dollars per meeting. Some patients find these laser treatments effective especially after the 2nd session.

The other popular method to quit smoking is acupuncture. Studies reveal that acupuncture is not a very effective method. Acupuncture is good if you are a strong willed person. It is effective during the initial hours of the Nicotine craving.

In this method, needles are inserted into certain predetermined pressure points of the body.? This process is performed by a trained acupuncturist who knows where to insert the needles in order to have the maximum effect.

Hypnosis is an alternative method to quit smoking. This is a safe and proven method to reduce the nicotine Craving. It is more effective than other methods like patch or nicotine gum. Study reveals that about twenty five percent people are not able to get hypnotized as subconsciously put up a resistance.

This is the reason that this method is not universally applicable. In hypnotic sessions, the patient goes into a trance like stage. The doctor through auto suggestion asks the patient to imagine how it would be to lead a tobacco free life.

Whatever method you choose, remember that it is up to you and only you to actually give up smoking. Any anti smoking method is not a cure all for smoking in case you suffer from lack of will power and determination.