You Can Do a Lot For Smokers by Quit Smoking Day Cartoon

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Figures, animations, portraits, pictures, and cartoons play a crucial role in representing and symbolizing any particular aspect. Any picture or symbol makes the message more striking to refer when any portrait comes to our mind. There are some very interesting ways to send the message loud and clear and it could be done through various means including cartoons, catchy lines etc.

The message of quit smoking needs to be passed through the people as a matter of awareness and also with a view to poke the users and give them constant reminders for their need to quit smoking. Simple statements could sometimes be boring and may be a smoker just passes on it without giving any thought but if these statements could be made interesting in form of cartoon figures, with aspects related to either the use of nicotine replacement or the unhealthy impact of smoking to make it more noteworthy and attractive. The cartoons could be attached with slogans and e-cards and can be sent to the ones you know are addicts to help them in your way.

A particular quit day cartoon can be made to motivate people to device a plan to quit smoking from that particular date. The message has just to be transformed in the form of cartoon representation so that it has a stay on the mind of the smoker. They can also be put in the form of hoardings, posters advertisements for use of nicotine replacements can be created and brought under circulation. Each non smoker should take the initiative to make one smoker quit his addition. Quit smoking Bills and Acts have been passed in many countries like Georgia and Ireland which indicate that awareness has been spread on a mass basis as these methods of symbols and cartoons have been used. A particular quit date has found grounds. Like we have celebration of a particular event on some particular date, similarly a quit day should be embarked in every country to inspire people to kick this addiction.

The method is simple, easy and doesn?t involve any spending and you can help the smokers a lot by devising such methods. Healthier habits should be promoted and more of voluntary organizations should be formed to help those who miss guidance on smoking.