Ban Smoking in Public Places.

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There are numerous solutions proposed by health department to reduce the increasing number of smokers and the resulting health problems. Smoking is increasingly being picked up as a habit by the youth.? This habit risks their life and makes them prone to dreadful diseases. Worldwide, a total of 3 million people a year, die on account of cigarette smoking.

?In many countries smoking in public places is banned. People are not allowed to smoke in cafe, pubs, and restaurants. In Norway tobacco advertising has been banned for thirty years. A pack of cigarettes also costs ?6. One in every three people is prone to tobacco related deaths.

In Canada there are graphic images, on cigarette packets, that show the damage to the internal organs on account of smoking. These images warn smokers about the ill effects of smoking. In Ireland, strict anti-smoking legislation has been introduced, to discourage smoking. Different countries have used different methods to ban smoking in public places. It is necessary that countries pass anti smoking legislation and pass strict rules and regulations to curb smoking.

There are a number of advantages gained by banning smoking in public places. This will help governmental agencies to deal effectively with air pollution and health. It will also help countries to earn money from the fines levied on people who smoke. The process will help to reduce smoking related diseases and deaths which are a threat to those who smoke. It will also promote clean air and good health among people.

In Ireland, regional health boards are trying to enforce public bans, but they are facing an uphill task. Banning cigarette smoking is not easy. For this government must be prepared to take extreme measures. The ban must be implemented in a very organized manner. If done so pubs can be made 80% smoke-free.

Business houses can also play an important role in banning smoking. Print and TV can also be used effectively to promote advertising of health effects caused due to smoking. A ban on smoking in public places will create awareness about rights and the proper use of their freedom. It will also help the citizens to know about the serious health hazards smoking can cause.